Protecting Your Investment: "Specialty Glassware and Dinnerware"

Tabletop items in the foodservice industry are more like works of art rather than eating utensils. Like art, we as operators are increasing our investment dollars in dishware to keep up with market trends and styles, only to have them broken by employees who are unaware of the value of these items.

How do I protect my investment?

Here are some simple solutions:

  • When purchasing new glassware or different shapes of dinnerware have your sales rep suggest the appropriate dishwasher rack to accommodate the correct fit to protect from thermal shock, chipping or breakage.
  • Factor in the dish-pit and the servers' bussing station the cost of specialty glassware and plates. By showing your staff the cost of breakage and how it impacts the bottom line, it is more likely they will think twice on how they handle these items.