Proper safety is an important aspect to any kitchen. Any environment with a veritable arsenal of tools which can cut, burn, or poison you, should be approached with due caution. The discussion of dangers in the kitchen can be segmented into three categories: Sharp Objects, Fire Hazards, and Food Poisoning & Spoilage.

How to get Started

When you are selecting a new location or renovating your existing location the following requirements are important:

  • Does the location meet your demographics?

  • Is there adequate power at the service?

  • Does the location meet fire code standards and is it zoned correctly?

  • If ventilation is required, is there accessibility?

  • Have a budget in mind, or let us assist you in formulating one.

  • Is the site accessible to individuals that are handicapped?

  • Are your building or renovation permits in order?

Planning consists of a full layout overview drawing of the entire projected establishment complete with the specified equipment, a wall dimension plan, plumbing, electrical, and specification booklet.

Selecting Equipment

Selecting the right equipment to meet your menu needs as well as your budget is our first priority. Allowing for any potential growth at the planning stage is in your best interest.

Table Top

Establishing your dishware, glassware and your kitchenware needs early in the developing stage ensures that your budget is kept in line and that stock is available so that no surprises prior to opening.


As construction progresses, we will monitor delivery schedules to allow significant time for your sub-trades to do proper installation of the equipment. At the completion of the installation, your sales representative and the factory representative will insure that all equipment is performing at maximum efficiency.