About La Compagnie Empire Crockery Inc.

In 1936, Sam Kreisman, a dynamic young entrepreneur with extraordinary foresight and motivation, founded La Compagnie Empire Crockery Inc.

He realized that he had to think globally and immediately started making contacts and connections in Europe and the Far East resulting in long term suppliers who continue today to send us shipments.

Sam understood the importance of team building as he selected capable, qualified people who had a strong commitment to customer service to represent the company in the diverse foodservice industry. Many of today's employees have been with the company for more than 35 years. Customer satisfaction was the most important quality of the company and everyone involved had to maintain the high standards established by Sam.

As a testament to the above, in 2002 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Sam Kreisman was inducted into the Foodservice Equipment Hall of Fame in recognition of his dedicated contribution to the industry over the years.

The outstanding relationships that La Compagnie Empire Crockery Inc. has established with its suppliers over the years, continues today. Companies such as Steelite, Browne & Co., Johnson Rose, Oneida, Libbey, True, Hobart and Garland, etc. have been contributing to the success of the company and are very appreciative of these business relationships.

The company's President, Rafi Esmail, started his employment with La Compagnie Empire Crockery Inc. in 1976 and it is through his dedication and leadership that the company continues to follow the high standards established by its founder and looks forward to servicing its clientele with the quality and excellence they desire and expect.

La Compagnie Empire Crockery Inc. Mission Statement

Since 1936 La Compagnie Empire Crockery Inc. has been committed to delivering value–added products and service to the foodservice industry through the pursuit of excellence and dedication to their customers.